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Alta Cyclotron Services

Thin Layer Activation service

We provide the most comprehensive thin layer activation irradiation service in Europe.  Beams of protons, deuterons, helium-3 and helium-4 are used to make the radionuclides Co-56, Co-57, Co-58, Be-7, Cr-51, Mn-52, Zn-65, V-48 and many others.  We can treat metallic and non-metallic components, including ceramics, diamond-like carbon, etc.  We provide detailed radionuclide analysis and activity to depth curves with activation depths from a 5 to 500 micrometres.  We can deliver treated components internationally using acredited Hazardous Goods agents.

A selection of automotive parts which have been treated for wear measurement using TLA

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Alta Cyclotron Services

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